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You are entitled to receive a total sum of $1,500,000 USD which has been
successfully deposited at the Western Union Payment Center, Malaysia by the
United Nations. This payment is in conjunction with the Social Responsibility
Cash Aid Programme of the United Nations in which e-mail addresses are
selected randomly by the Topaz Balloting System.
The Management of the Western Union Payment Center, Malaysia has designated
that the amount be remitted to you via our Daily Limit Payment of $7,600 USD.
Do send your Name, Address and Phone Number to Mrs. Franca Lee of the Western
Union Payment Center via email:( or call +601.6487.
2136 for more information on how to receive your first installment of $7,600
Yours Truly,
Mr. Norman Sadiq,
For: Western Union Payment Center, Malaysia.

Internet fraud email #03

And the hits just keep on coming. Now this from the honorable Mr. Shukri Mohammed Ghanem from Libya, the Oil Minister and owner of Zulaytini International Contracting Co:

Am wondering if Captain Lawrence Baber and Shukri Mohammed Ghanem are friends?

Internet fraud email #02

Clearly Captain Barber doesn’t want to go away:

Hello Peter
I do understand how you feel about receiving such mails.Your reply has made me understand that you are an intelligent person and can be trusted to keep my share of the money safely.I can have the money sent to you where ever you want me to.Below are some of my personal information. I am United States Marine.. My full name is Capt. Lawrence Barber. I am from Hartford,CT.Age 38 now, serving in Al-Basrah, Iraq for the United States war against terrorism. I think with time you will know more about me. Let me share with you a BIG dream of mine that made me contacted you in this deal.. In the car site there is this provision for ‘PRIVATE PERSONS’, and for ‘DEALERS’, I went for private persons because I do not want a dealer in this issue because my mail might be read by a secretary and thus the secrecy might be no more. I told you that if I do not read from you in 3 days I will contact someone else. I have a dream to be a senator.Your friend can put a stop to that. In this world the only person that can destroy you is someone that knows all about you. I have a lot of good friends that I can trust, but what about the future. what does it hold for the relationship? I am a soldier but more of a politician. I cannot let this deal ruin my career and dream for me.. If you decide tomorrow to talk about this deal I think I can always deny it because the FBI can never get a link between the us. I have not known you from Adam and my share of the money will be paid to an account that cannot be traced. I know if I deal with someone I do not know, it is either he/she thinks it is a joke and then will not be interested or will believe me and then deal with me. There are no two ways about it. Nobody will ever find out about this deal except one of us lets the cat out of the bag and definitely will not be me. Will it be you? So let join our hands together like brothers and get this money so that our dreams can come true. If you are ready to work with me, I will give you all the details you need to carry out this transaction in my next mail. I need an urgent reply of this mail. Hope to hear from you soon. Attached is a pic of one of my junior officers on guard with the money.keep this pic as confidential as possible.

Best Regards.

Capt. Lawrence Barber

All right, what should we write back? I’m thinking about getting a deposit in my PayPal account.

Internet fraud email #01

I then get this reply:

Hello Peter
Thanks for the detailed information about the car.I want to inform you that I will buy your car with cash but I have a business proposal for you. I am a captain with the United States troop in Iraq,on war against terrorism. Based on the United States legislative and executive decision for withdrawing troops from Iraq come this year,I have just been redeployed. Our mission is to help secure terrorist targeted states,for the United states and the European Union war against terrorism.I will need a car for myself and that is why I am contacting you.I want to inform you that I have 16.2million USD. which was recovered from one of our raids on terrorists here in Iraq because they keep most of their money at home for evil activities which they normally get through illegal deals on crude oil. Based on the suffering we undergo here some of us do meet such luck. It happened that I went for this raid with the men in my unit and I decided to take it as my share for my stress here in this evil land filled with suicide bombers. I deposited this money with a red cross agent informing him that we are making contact for the real owner of the money.It is under my power to decide who owns the money. I wish to use this money for charity purposes in Turkey,where we have about 3 million Iraqi refugees and Sudan where we have currently the highest numbers of refugees displaced as a result of war. You need to visit such places.I want to invest the money on stock fish from Norway to this refugees because based on my experience on battle ground in this places,they lack a lot of fish and meat to add to their meager and unpalatable meals which they get in little quantity just to keep them living until God knows when the problem ends. Instead of allowing this terrorists to get the money and spend it on purchasing arms illegally from Russia and North Korea it is better used in saving the world. I cannot move this money to the United states because I will be in Europe for about 3years,so I need someone I could deal with.If you accept,I will transfer the money to Europe where you will be the beneficiary because I am a military officer and cannot be parading such an amount so I need to present someone as the beneficiary. I am an American and an intelligence officer at that so I have a 100% authentic means of transferring the money through diplomatic courier service.I just need your acceptance and all is done.I will give you the complete details you need for us to carry out this transaction successfully.I decided to find someone that is real and not imaginary and that is why I went to a secured car site where I can be sure that the person is real. I believe I can trust you.We can only communicate through our military system,which is secured so that nobody can monitor our mails,then I will explain in details to you.I will only reach you through email,because our calls might be monitored,I just have to be sure whom I am dealing with. If you are interested please send me your personal mobile number so I can call you for further inquiries when I am out of our military network. I am using a fresh email account so if you are not interested do not reply to this email and please delete this message,if i don’t get a reply from you after 3days I will look for someone else.I am doing this on trust,you should know that as a trained military expert I will always play safe in case you are the bad type,but I pray you are not.16.2million USD is a lot of money,my life depends on it. I will be looking forward to expecting a reply from you as soon as possible,so we can proceed with the deal.The money should be in your possession in 7days and I will come over.I will give you 20% share and 80% is for my dream. I hope I am been fair on this deal.  Regards, Capt. Lawrence Barber

To which I reply:

Hi Captn,
This is the worst and most stupid attempt at phising and internetfraud I’ve ever experienced.
Please go away.
Best regards,Peter

I then mark the conversation as spam in Gmail and forget it ever happened.

Internet fraud email #00

Just received this email after posting my car for sales on

Navn : Lawrence Barber
telefon : 34741756
Email :
I want to buy your car.What is the last price,car history and location?

Being a non-suspecting citizen I replied with the following:

Hi Lawrence,
I’ve owned the car from new and have driven it daily to and from work.
The car is at:
Folemarksvej 49
2605 Brøndby
I have a buyer coming today at 5PM.
Best regards,

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