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Almost 30 years of experience within professional software development of IT systems ranging from research, military, pharmaceutical, mobile & line of business in both national and international organizations.

First decade as a developer on pretty much every platform using a wide range of programming languages. Eventually settling on three tier web based systems.

Second decade I gradually moved into the architect role and progressed to Enterprise Architecture & IT-based strategic approaches to business development.

Third and current decade I’m focusing on cloud computing as an enabler of business though better use of technology resulting in faster, cheaper and better IT projects. Using a pragmatic approach to enterprise architecture with focus on results instead of framework bog down.

I believe in accountability under freedom and transparency. When we set goals for each other they must be objectively measureable and we must be given the freedom, tools and support to meet and surpass those goals. Agreements must be met without hidden agendas and with full disclosure. As a leader I believe in being open and honest.

Making mistakes is the way we learn. Software development and systems implementation is a creative process and mistakes are bound to happen. If we don’t trust each other to make mistakes, then we’re not trying hard enough and we won’t better ourselves or our products. We have to work in an environment with mutual trust and respect.

I believe in “Lean”. I vigorously circumvent and if possible remove rules and processes that are an obstacle for effectiveness and efficiency – both in the way that people work and use technology. The way we work must make sense from a business or technology perspective and not be a result of “that’s the way we usually do this and have always done so”. I continually challenge the rules to obtain faster and better business value though people and technology.


AP Pension A/S (March 2018-December 2018)

Solution Architect on secret stuff..

DSV A/S (January 2017-February 2018)

Cargolink Way Forward Solution Architect – Now it’s time to implement the stuff we designed last year, working on:

  • Asset Management
  • Road Planning
  • Terminal Planning
  • Mobile Apps

Additionally I’m driving:

  • Design of APIs and implementing an API Gateway Management Tool
  • Design of Enterprise Application Integration Patterns using APIs, ESB and ODS

KommuneKredit A/S (September 2016-December 2016)

Implement a new digital strategy using “Cloud-First” and “Microsoft-First” as the mantra. Dismantle the existing application landscape and either upgrade or replace systems with modern PaaS/SaaS solutions.

Innovate on existing solutions by using new technology to “get more for less”. Will move the core financial calculation engine to “R” to enable deployment to Azure and integration with Azure ML and presentation using PowerBI.

DSV A/S (January 2016-August 2016)

Cargolink Way Forward Architecture Blueprint – Design and documentation of companywide systems including enterprise application integration.

  • Drive technical architecture alignment across the program
  • Advisory and liaison between project streams and programs
  • Review architectural design and strategy documents

Bluegarden A/S (2014-2015)

Served in a multitude of roles all based around IT-driven business development:

  • Enterprise Architect covering company wide systems and governance
  • Product Architect developing new services and offerings for Bluegarden customers including Bluegarden Connect, Bluegarden API and Bluegarden Document Module
  • Infrastructure Architect moving systems and applications to Microsoft Azure

Statoil Fuel & Retail A/S (2013-2014)

Lead Enterprise Architect in program management for the de-merger of Statoil and Statoil Fuel & Retail. Designed, reviewed, planned and executed transition projects for business critical applications from on-prem hosting at Statoil to a private cloud at new outsourcing provider. Managed both internal and external resources from countries in Scandinavia, Finland, Poland and the Baltics.

  • Ensure technical architecture alignment across the program
  • Advisory and liaison between project streams, program and corporate architecture
  • Review architectural design documents
  • Maintain program architecture map
  • Ensure compliance with corporate (and other) architectural standards
  • Ensure resilience of intermediate architecture
  • Input to and QA of application migration grouping

Previous employers

Traen A/S (now Formpipe)

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) leading all aspects of the group’s technology development.

Initially tasked with business development across 5 individual companies in the holding company. In 2009 3 companies were sold off and the remaining 2 were merged. During and after the merger I worked with the rest of the top management to create the vision and strategy for the new company. This included visions for the business and how technology could be used to create the vision. Worked across the development department to ensure understanding and buy-in of strategies and business decisions. Including challenges with changes in platform and technology.

Adhoc manager of project teams and mentor for architects.

Continually visiting top management at customers to ensure product roadmaps are in sync with marked demand and new technology. Then working with sales and development teams to either steer existing products in the right direction or create new products and solutions to satisfy demand and business goals.


Principle Architect responsible for overall technology strategy and bids for the Microsoft department in NNIT.

As NNIT grew from 500 to 1000 employees strategies for using both people and technology across the departments, divisions and the company became necessary. Reporting directly to the VP I collaborated across the business to create and deliver on targets for sales, bids and business development.

Adhoc manager of project teams during internal and external projects. Participated with managers for mid and final year reviews. Cross organizational mentor for architects helping to focus on business aspects of technology rather than bits and bytes.

Liased with external partners to drive sales with shared go to marked strategies.

Technology was primarily Microsoft with integration to anything that runs in large corporations including SAP, J2EE on BEA, IBM and Oracle.


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