Almost 30 years of experience within professional software development of IT systems ranging from research, military, pharmaceutical, mobile & line of business in both national and international organizations.

First decade as a developer on pretty much every platform using a wide range of programming languages. Eventually settling on three tier web based systems.

Second decade I gradually moved into the architect role and progressed to Enterprise Architecture & IT-based strategic approaches to business development.

Third and current decade I’m focusing on cloud computing as an enabler of business though better use of technology resulting in faster, cheaper and better IT projects. Using a pragmatic approach to enterprise architecture with focus on results instead of framework bog down.

I believe in accountability under freedom and transparency. When we set goals for each other they must be objectively measureable and we must be given the freedom, tools and support to meet and surpass those goals. Agreements must be met without hidden agendas and with full disclosure. As a leader I believe in being open and honest.

Making mistakes is the way we learn. Software development is a creative process and mistakes are bound to happen. If we don’t trust each other to make mistakes, then we’re not trying hard enough and we won’t better ourselves or our products. We have to work in an environment with mutual trust and respect.

I believe in “Lean”. I vigorously circumvent or if possible remove rules and processes that are an obstacle for effectiveness and efficiency – both in the way that people work and use technology. The way we work must make sense from a business or technology perspective and not be a result of “that’s the way we usually do this and have always done so”. I continually challenge the rules to obtain faster and better business though people and technology.


  • Software Architecture using patterns and models
  • Software Development with Continuous Integration
  • Enterprise Architectures and strategies
  • Mapping IT-landscapes and pinpointing areas of opportunity
  • Transformation of IT-landscapes both scale-out, up and move to end of life
  • Conceptualization of projects based on new technology
  • Speaking and presenting technology, architecture and strategies for small and large audiences including keynotes
  • Presales and bids, both public and private
  • Customer workshops and seminars
  • Strong experience with product development and internationalization
  • Off-shore software development
  • Experienced manager of developers and development teams


  • 1998 Master of Science in Engineering – Danish Technical University
  • 1990 Studentereksamen – Schneekloths Gymnasium
  • 1988 High School Diploma (Honor Roll) – Hempfield High School