Posted this on my internal blog at Traen:

A critical success factor for SCRUM projects is having access to customer representatives who are:

  • Collaborative
  • Representative
  • Authorized
  • Committed
  • Knowledgeable

If the customer representatives are not collaborative, they will sow discord and frustration, resulting in the loss of morale.

If the are not representative, they will lead the developers to deliver unacceptable products.

If they are not authorized, they will incur delays seeking authorization or, even worse, lead the project astray by making unauthorized commitments.

If they are not committed, they won’t do the necessary homework and won’t be there when the developers need them most.

If they are not knowledgeable, they will cause delays, unacceptable products or both.

So SCRUM needs customers who are CRACK!

From “Balacing Agility and Descipline: A Guide for the Perplexed

Actually it’s true for any kind of project based on any proces or methodology…