Clearly Captain Barber doesn’t want to go away:

Hello Peter
I do understand how you feel about receiving such mails.Your reply has made me understand that you are an intelligent person and can be trusted to keep my share of the money safely.I can have the money sent to you where ever you want me to.Below are some of my personal information. I am United States Marine.. My full name is Capt. Lawrence Barber. I am from Hartford,CT.Age 38 now, serving in Al-Basrah, Iraq for the United States war against terrorism. I think with time you will know more about me. Let me share with you a BIG dream of mine that made me contacted you in this deal.. In the car site there is this provision for ‘PRIVATE PERSONS’, and for ‘DEALERS’, I went for private persons because I do not want a dealer in this issue because my mail might be read by a secretary and thus the secrecy might be no more. I told you that if I do not read from you in 3 days I will contact someone else. I have a dream to be a senator.Your friend can put a stop to that. In this world the only person that can destroy you is someone that knows all about you. I have a lot of good friends that I can trust, but what about the future. what does it hold for the relationship? I am a soldier but more of a politician. I cannot let this deal ruin my career and dream for me.. If you decide tomorrow to talk about this deal I think I can always deny it because the FBI can never get a link between the us. I have not known you from Adam and my share of the money will be paid to an account that cannot be traced. I know if I deal with someone I do not know, it is either he/she thinks it is a joke and then will not be interested or will believe me and then deal with me. There are no two ways about it. Nobody will ever find out about this deal except one of us lets the cat out of the bag and definitely will not be me. Will it be you? So let join our hands together like brothers and get this money so that our dreams can come true. If you are ready to work with me, I will give you all the details you need to carry out this transaction in my next mail. I need an urgent reply of this mail. Hope to hear from you soon. Attached is a pic of one of my junior officers on guard with the money.keep this pic as confidential as possible.

Best Regards.

Capt. Lawrence Barber

All right, what should we write back? I’m thinking about getting a deposit in my PayPal account.